If you are looking to eat out in Outer Banks, there are plenty of OBX Restaurants to choose from regardless of your budget or food cuisine of choice. For local residents of OBX, the majority of whom are on a modest family style budget, the available restaurants reflect precisely that. This simply means that the majority of restaurants are very reasonably priced to reflect the communities’ demographics. Expensive high end dining is of course available, but these restaurants are in a minority compared to the average type of restaurants which are readily available in Outer Banks.

Just in case you are not in Eastern North Carolina, or even the United States for that matter, Outer Banks which is in Currituck & Dare , Counties. It is part of the area known as OBX and in fact, still holds a lot of the traditional Carolina values, which is why it is such a popular place for raising families and vacationers. Tons of visitors travel from Connecticut , New York State as well, so this should give you a general idea of how popular the area is. It’s one of the These days, OBX boasts about it’s boundaries and this is also reflected in the local Restaurants. The majority though, are low to moderately priced diners which serve mostly Seafood and this clearly reflects the cities’ demographic. The diners offer up traditional American fare for breakfast lunch and dinner but with a sprinkling of other food choices in there as well. The diners are a very popular eating option because they are reasonably informal, reasonably priced and offer a very comfortable dining environment which won’t be changing any-time soon.

Local OBX Seafood

It’s also interesting to note that even within the OBX shopping mall style environment, the demographic of low to moderately priced eating options, still prevails. There are many, sit down, restaurant style eating establishments, which reflect the high end range of the market, while there are twelve fast food eating options and five speciality food options such as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, a chocolate shop and an ice-cream shop. The traditional diner style eating establishment which is prevalent in many Carolina cities itself, is reflected in the Dare County area.

While we are still close to, the Cheesecake Factory, the Brio Tuscan Grille (Italian), Ruby Tuesday (American) and Uno Chicago Grille are the four higher end eating options with a formal sit down food service. The majority of eating options are fast food choices and include Subway, Sbarro, Pretzel Maker, Panda Express (Asian), Nathan’s Famous Frankfurters, McDonalds, Famous Cajun Grill (Asian), Famous Cajun Grill, Cosimo’s Brick Oven Pizza, Charley’s Grilled Subs, Arby’s (American) and Desert Moon Fresh Mexican Grille. So there is also a good range of cuisines available to choose from in Eastern NC and they all look like pretty tasty options.

The OBX style shopping environment is primarily designed for shoppers, where the shopping experience might involve browsing shops and buying, or just browsing with friends. In either case, food and drink are always part of the experience so the range of dining options at OBX Neighborhood locations consequently reflects this. Some people will go to the mall just to hang out and watch the world go by while their budget will always be able to buy something to eat, such as at McDonalds. For others, Starbucks is the place to see and be seen over a leisurely coffee. Outer Banks restaurants will cater to all budgets and dining experiences within a contemporary, modern setting.

Perhaps your taste-buds are set up for more of an international taste? Well you will have no trouble finding international cuisines in Outer Banks as well. From Italian through to Middle
Eastern flavors, The Local area has it all. You will easily find options which include Spanish, Asian, Mexican, French, and American Diner of course, as well as Seafood and Vegetarian.
There are more Seafood dining options in than any other nationality (apart from the all American Diners), and this clearly indicates the popularity of this type of cuisine. From low end through to high end and everywhere in between, OBX restaurants prominently feature Seafood . This food is not only affordable for families, it suits most people’s palates as well, so that Outer Banks is able to offer visitors and those just passing through, a very tasty dining experience which won’t break the budget. It’s just one of the things that makes the Neighborhoods of the OBX such a good place.